Stick To Your Guns - For What It's Worth (Green Neon In Clear)

Формат: виниловая пластинка
Количество носителей: 1
Комплектация: лимитированное издание, прозрачный с зелёным винил
Лейбл: Sumerian Records
Дата релиза: 2020
Номер по каталогу: EH061

А1. For What It's Worth
А2. A Poor Man's Poor Sport (Two Heads Are Better Than One)
А3. Colorblind
А4. Compassion Without Compromise
А5. For The Kids,By The Kids
А6. Badge A Brand
А7. This Is More
А8. Fire With Fire
В1. Our Demise
В2. All Time Low
В3. Fashion Or Fascist
В4. There Is No I In Team
В5. Industry Of Infamy
В6. This Is Where My Heart Lies
В7. Such An Outrage
В8. Laugh Right Back

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