Nothing But Thieves - Dead Club City (Deluxe Edition) (Light Blue Marbled)

Формат: виниловая пластинка
Количество носителей: 2
Комплектация: конверт с разворотом, буклет, светло-голубой мраморный винил
Лейбл: Sony
Дата релиза: 15.03.2024
Номер по каталогу: 0196588305016

A1. Welcome To The DCC
A2. Overcome
A3. Tomorrow Is Closed
A4. Keeping You Around
B1. City Haunts
B2. Do You Love Me Yet?
B3. Members Only
B4. Green Eyes::Sienna
C1. Foreign Language
C2. Talking To Myself
C3. Pop The Balloon
C4. Oh No :: He Said What?
D1. Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God
D2. Pure You
D3. Overcome (Stripped)
D4. Tomorrow Is Closed (Stripped)

Жанр: Рок